Skaergaard project.

One of the world’s largest undeveloped gold and palladium resources

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Major Precious Metals is a Canadian junior mining and exploration company that owns a diversified portfolio of exploration properties within some of the most promising deposits in worldwide. Major Precious Metals is engaged in the business of acquiring and exploring precious metal projects near or adjacent to existing mining operations controlled by well-established mining companies.



The Skaergaard project is one of the worlds largest undeveloped gold and palladium resources


  • Scoping Study completed in December 2019 highlights development potential
  • Significant JORC Mineral Resource of palladium, gold and platinum. Potential for vanadium, iron and titanium

  • Metallurgical testing has demonstrated gold & palladium can be recovered through floatation with high recoveries

  • One of the largest known palladium resources outside South Africa and Russia

Strong development potential


A$16 million invested in drilling, metallurgy and studies


  • Located on the east coast of Greenland
  • JORC Mineral Resource (1g/t AuEq cut-off) – July 2019
  • Deposit also contains titanium, ilmenite, vanadium, copper and gallium
  • Metallurgical test work has demonstrated the amenability of the gold and platinum group metalmineralisation to processing
  • Palladium market fundamentals robust  – price peaked over US$2,500/oz in January 2020


Located on the east coast of Greenland


68 drill holes and 35,000m of diamond drilling

Scoping Study

Updated Scoping Study completed in December 2019

Skaergaard Project Presentation

Download the Skaergaard Project presentation here vial the following link


  • Located Greenland east coast, approximately 450km west of Iceland
  • Nearest townships are Ittoqqortoormiit 500km to the north-east and Tasiilaq 500km to the south
  • Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, is located approximately 1,000km to the south-west
  • The project is accessible by helicopter or airplane and marine craft in the Mikis Fjord when there is no sea ice
  • The Government is proactively trying to attract resource capital




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